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The Counselor's Role:

As an elementary school counselor, my role is to help students in their efforts to learn the skills and attitudes required for school success. Emphasis is on decision-making skills and early exploration of career and educational goals. Also, an emphasis is placed on helping students develop self-awareness, and good interpersonal relationships. To achieve these goals, I conduct large group guidance lessons on topics such as self esteem, responsibility, perseverance, differences of others, bullying, compassion, drug awareness, and careers. I work with students individually upon request of the principal, teacher, staff member, or a parent. Reasons for working with students may include academic problems, peer problems, social skills problems or other issues. I also work with students in a small group setting to determine further needs. The time is discusses with the teacher so that instructional time is protected.

Other responsibilities include being a member of the Problem Solving Team (PST) and 504 Plan committee, being Building Test Coordinator/BTC for our school, assisting with medication, attendance, registration/withdrawal of students, maintaining cumulative records and updating information on STI (computer information).